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Corbyn Hampton Barghols Pierce is a law firm based in Oklahoma City and specializing in business litigation, mediation and arbitration. Not only was their old identity and website in need of a facelift, but they also added two name partners and expanded their services in the course of our work with them, so they  needed an identity that would reflect this new chapter and the unity of the four partners.

We worked closely with Amy Pierce and Joe Hampton to create a logo that brings all four partners into focus, with a traditional law firm structure but a contemporary aesthetic. The sans serif font and the white, gray, and teal color palette are fresh and clean, while the concept of using the four initials of the name partners is steeped in tradition.

Their business materials are likewise conventional, with left justification and simple one-sided designs, while their website is light and airy, using architectural photos and thin iconography to bring personality to their online identity.