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Recognition: Bronze ADDY Award

Angie Collier is a Norman-resident running a photography business, passionate about entrepreneurism, and with an affinity for wine. In short, we were a perfect match.

Following several meetings with Angie, we developed an idea of the overall direction and goals for her company. With this information in mind, we created a logo and brand color palette that reflects her passion for vintage imagery,  while  complementing her digital work and her stunning portraits. The final logo is sleek, yet soft, and subtly references the shape of an old film canister. Using vintage camera images as inspiration, we created a palette of primarily soft blues and bright coral to complete her final brand.

When we set to work creating an advertisement for her business that would run in local 405 Magazine, we established an aesthetic that emphasizes her powerful portrait work, while also showcasing some of her other successful images in a grid-based format, which provides a nice contrast to the soft curves found in her logo.