Friday Favs: 2016 Edition

As one year comes to an end and another begins, we want to pay homage to the best moments of 2016. It was a rough year in a lot of ways, and while there was plenty to dislike about it, we prefer to focus on the positive and find the good in this crazy year. Here's a short countdown of our favorite moments.

1. Finding a community of creatives in our hometown and sharing inspiration and advice. OKC is still developing and the creative community is not robust yet. We enjoy being a part of the renaissance and the growth of culture here, but we do crave the ready inspiration that exists in cities with a highly established arts scene like Austin, San Francisco, Chicago, etc. Luckily for us, the great folks over at Steed decided to do something about this and start DSN+DEV+OKC, a monthly designer meet up for OKC creatives. We're regular attendees and have loved getting to meet with others in the area that have the same passion for design as we have. We got to see Natalie Kent's 23rd Street illustration project, hear Koon Vega speak about his business, be inspired by Oddfab's signage and public art work, and most recently, see ourselves reflected in the amazing Erin Cooper of CooperHouse, while she spoke about passion for community and people trumping all else. 

2. Reuniting with friends from our university design program. We graduated from the University of Oklahoma School of Visual Arts visual communication and design program with only 15 other people. We grew close to everyone there, and we made life-long friends. After we all graduated in 2013, we spread across the U.S. with our diverse specialties and goals in mind. Caitlin Cadieux is in New York working as an animator for The AtlanticMatt Magill is in Austin, TX working in environmental design and selling his incredible artwork on the side. Liz Reynolds and Daniel Sperle are down the road in Tulsa, OK; Daniel serving as Executive Director of the new city-wide bike share program, and Liz working as the Creative Manager for Chinowth & Cohen. Max Duggan currently works for Fluid in New York. And this is such a small sampling. We are excited and proud of all our fellow graduates and their life paths. Over the course of this year, we reunited through book clubs, weddings, travels, and our annual holiday party.

3. Seaworld announced the end of its killer whale breeding programRingling Brothers ended the use of elephants in circus shows, and 33 lions were removed from South American circuses and returned to their homeland in AfricaOne of our shared passions is animal rights and the ethical treatment of animals, especially in regards to our favorite wild animals: lions and elephants and whales (oh my!). This year marked some important (and past due) changes in the world of captive animals, and we are so grateful for that. 

4. Traveling. (Together and separately!) We hope to do more of this in 2017, but the little bit that we fit into 2016 was amazing and perfect. Emily began the year traveling across the state to Sulphur, Guymon, and Muskogee as part of the Oklahoma Arts Council's Leadership Arts program, learning about the wealth of cultural resources in these communities and developing her advocacy skills in service to the arts in our state. We then kicked off the summer with a short trip to Lake Eufaula (Tiffany's first lake trip!) with our bestie and creative partner Liz Reynolds. Then we drove to Amarillo, TX for the union of Brittany Sparks and Robert Sidwell, both graduates of our university design program, where they met! Tiffany took a short weekend trip to Ardmore, OK and a longer trip to Key West, FL. Emily took a trip to San Francisco, CA and is ending the year in Las Vegas, NV.

5. Working with Angie, Twila, Brian and Kasey, Amy, and Allen. We have always been surprised and thankful to find clients that we love. 2016 proved no different, and brought us even more of the same blessings. An important part of what makes us who we are is the clients we work with; we build partnerships with likeminded individuals who are doing their part in transforming our community. In 2016 we did design work we are excited about for people we are inspired by.

Happy new year to you all and we wish you only the best in 2017.