Friday Favs: Foster Kittens Edition

For this Friday Favs, I'm counting out my five favorite kittens out of the litter of kittens I am fostering for Norman Animal Welfare. They are all returning to the shelter next week where they will be available for adoption, so if you're looking for a new family member (or if you just like fuzzy kitten photos), then this post is for you.

As a little background, I fostered a mama cat (who I call Cookie), and her five kittens (who I call her Cookie Crumbs, because I'm obsessive and I think it's nauseatingly cute). Cookie came into the shelter with two kittens, but three additional kittens with no mama came into the shelter at the same time, so they were added to her litter. Cookie has taken great care of all the kittens (after Night 1 when she was confused by their presence and didn't quite accept that her brood had more than doubled without her permission).

In no particular order:



Little Oreo is a tuxedo kitten with a lot of spunk and personality. He is one of the more social kittens, and would be good with kids. He's very playful, and his markings are seriously adorable. He has little white paws, a white chest, and a tiny white stripe on his nose. He likes to play, but he also likes to observe you. I frequently work beside him and look over to find him just watching me, head cocked to the left, a look of pure kitten curiosity on his face. 




Nugget is going to be a big cat. He's definitely the biggest of the kittens, and he is a gray tiger striped boy with an adorable kitten face. For being the biggest and strongest of the bunch, he is kind of a weeny. But he's so worth it. He's pretty laid back about being picked up and carried around, and he loves food.



From day one, Peanut has been my little runt. When I brought him home, he was an orphan with his siblings, and he felt like he had to protect everyone. As a 12 oz fluffball, he would stiffen up when I came near and hiss in (what he thought was) a threatening manner. It was seriously adorable. Since those days, he has put on weight and become a chubby little fellow with a healthy appetite. He has a lot of spunk, and he's very snuggly and easy going. 



My only girl, but you can tell that Raisin has grown up with four brothers. She is rough and tumble and full of energy. When I open the door to what I've dubbed The Kitten Room (AKA my office, but that's much less exciting), she is always the first to slip by me and explore the house. She is confident and brave with my five-year-old, 16-pound cat Simon. She has a sweet, dainty face and body, and beautiful gray tiger stripe markings.



Pepper is literally like a full grown cat, but in miniature form. He is pretty blasé about human interaction, and he likes his sleep. He is a little inky black cat with an easy going attitude. He doesn't care if you pick him up or if you cradle him on his back or if you are around at all, to be honest. He's just a classic cat, and I love him for it. 


(& special shout out to) Cookie

Cookie is my mama cat, and she is a solid gray girl. She can't be more than a year or two old, and she has done an incredible job raising these little hellions. She deserves a loving home too. She is much less skittish than her kittens, and enjoys people and being pet. She is vocal when she wants something, and she absolutely needs to be in a home with a scratching post or she will use your leg as one instead. Just a fair warning. This is an easy fix and very worthwhile to earn her love and affection. 

So there you go. That's my five favorite foster kittens out of my litter of five foster kittens. They are all perfect and unique and wonderful in their own way, and I sincerely hope that you will consider meeting and adopting them. I want them all to find homes where they can get as much love as I doted on them with during their first two months of life, and I know that's a tall order, but I also know it can be done. 

Feel free to comment or message me if you have questions or are considering adopting any of them. I can give you photos, videos, personal anecdotes, full health histories, and a glowing recommendation for each one. 

Adopt; don't shop.