Friday Favs: Podcasts (Part 1)

Cheers and happy Friday! It's been a hot minute since we did a Friday Favs post, but today we're recounting some of our favorite podcasts. Keep reading for recommendations.

  1. Being Boss. This is one of our absolute favorite podcasts and one of the only ones we both consistently listen to. Being Boss is produced by two creative entrepreneurs, one of whom originated in OKC. They talk about creative business, and while they offer lots of practical advice, they also get into the mystical woo-woo territory, which we kind of love. Sometimes they interview people, but other times they just chat with each other and give advice to the listener based on their own experiences. They also offer shorter, 20-minute mini-sodes on occasion, for those of you who like that kind of thing. - Tiffany & Emily
  2. Stuff Mom Never Told You. This is quickly becoming my most-listened to podcast, and I love hearing Emilie and Bridget break down everything from complex issues like the politics of international adoption to the light-hearted, like where the heck all the bobby pins end up. Episodes are usually around 45 minutes to an hour, but there are a handful of shorter ones available (generally on the lighter topics. Not sure you could stretch bobby pin disappearance into a full hour, but I'd like to see them try). Their dynamic is easy and friendly, and they actually remind me a lot of Emily and Kathleen, the Being Boss co-hosts. - Tiffany
  3. ID10T (née Nerdist podcast). This is probably my OG podcast and the first show I listened to that I really loved and connected with. Hosted by Chris Hardwick, each episode of ID10T is a conversational interview with one of a menagerie of actors, comedians, directors, and entertainers. As a lifetime "nerd," I find these interviews fascinating and love hearing about the motivations, processes, interests, and lives of professionals who exist in an entirely separate creative plane from myself. There are almost 1000 episodes now (and they're a longer format - about an hour each), and I love to cherry-pick the episodes featuring people I'm interested in hearing more from. - Emily
  4. Up First. This 10-minute NPR podcast is intended to break the news down for you in a quick bite before you start your day. I listen to this almost every morning while I'm getting ready, and I always feel more informed and aware of the world around me. Amazing what happens when Twitter isn't your main source of news. - Tiffany
  5. Eat Your Kimchi on SBS PopAsia!. Each week, YouTubers Simon and Martina (of Eat Your Kimchi) bring their adventures across the globe to SBS PopAsia!, including sharing their daily experiences from living in Japan and Korea. I first discovered Eat Your Kimchi (EYK) via their YouTube channel when I was applying to teach abroad in Korea; while I ultimately decided to stay here in Oklahoma, I became a huge fan of EYK's videos and have grown to love their podcast as well! At about 25-minutes long, their weekly radio show is essentially a snapshot of their YouTube channel, during which the couple share their unique perspective of living as foreigners in Asia, their food adventures, their infectious positivity, and their love for each other. - Emily