Friday Favs: Small Business Week

In honor of National Small Business Week, we'd like to take a second to share a handful of our favorite local small businesses. There are way too many to name, but here's five to start!

  1. The Social Club. This is where Emily and I both get our hair done, and our hair truly never looks better than in the 24 hours after these hair masters cut and style it. Not only is everybody wildly talented, they're also always friendly and enjoyable, and as an added bonus, the salon front serves as a boutique with unique and delightful items for sale. This is one of our favorite places to stop when we're looking for gifts, and we don't usually leave a haircut appointment without an assortment of other goodies.
  2. Crimson & Whipped Cream/Postscript. Crimson & Whipped Cream is our Norman favorite for coffee and baked goods. They've really upped their bakery game this year, too -- check out the Nutella scone or the S'mores whoopie pie! Or, go with one of their classics - the vegan chocolate chip cookie, which is somehow better than the original! They're located on Campus Corner and we love the atmosphere, so we frequently host client meetings here with tasty treats. And as an added bonus, owned by the same folks and connected to Crimson & Whipped Cream is Postscript, the most adorable paper goods store you've ever seen. If you're looking for a card or a notebook, this is THE spot. They've also got an awesome selection of pens and planner accessories for those of you who are obsessed with those kinds of things (like Emily). You'll also find a lot of things you didn't know you needed, so be prepared to drop a chunk of change here. 
  3. Loot & XP. This board game café is run by the most delightful people! Emily is here all the time discovering new games, participating in the store-hosted game or trivia nights, and chatting with the owners for new recommendations or insight. They've got a huge selection of games to play (with just the purchase of a super affordable day pass) and buy, including the classics (like Monopoly or Clue), party games (like Cards Against Humanity), and campaign games that take a little more time. The team at Loot & XP is super nice and there's always someone there to help you pick out a new game to try or to teach you how to play. Plus they host tons of fun events, like their themed trivia nights, game developer day, and their new trans friendly game nights.
  4. Guestroom Records is another of our favorite local shops! They’ve got wide-ranging selection of records from contemporary artists to the classics and more, with helpful staff to help you find your way around. As an added bonus, they sell many of the cool promo posters they are sent. And most importantly, they have a shop cat who is content to ignore all customers. And I love him.
  5. Blu. You didn't think we'd get through the list without a wine pick, right? Blu is a Norman restaurant and wine bar, and it's one of our favorite spots to stop for dinner or drinks or both. Blu is part of the Good Life Dining umbrella, so its siblings include Blackbird and the Library -- two more spots to check out if you haven't already. Blu has a great patio and a unique vibe -- it's an odd mix of casual and sophisticated? And we love it. Came here for a Toast work night once and accidentally stumbled into a wine tasting. We were not mad about it. 

Thanks to everyone who supports local shops. You're making dreams come true! What are your favorite small businesses?