It's probably not surprising that a cause very near and dear to our hearts is gender equality. Yes, we're passionate about a lot of things, so this is in addition to cancer research, environmental sustainability, visual arts accessibility and education, and animal rights. But gender equality is there and it is high on that list. 


Today is International Women's Day, and as two female business owners, we absolutely want to recognize this day. Gender equality is important and not just for women. It benefits all of society and is in fact proven to increase economic success in the private sector. We consider ourselves extra fortunate this year because in addition to having launched our own business, we have also had the chance to work with many young female clients that are starting their own companies. One of those clients is actually launching a merchandise company specifically promoting feminism, and we are excited and thankful to be a part of her journey.

This year we have been inspired by so many women taking a stand for equality. From strong female politicians like Hilary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren, to authors like J.K. Rowling and Elizabeth Gilbert, to celebrities like Emma Watson, Ellen Degeneres, Taylor Swift and Ellie Goulding, and athletes like Ronda Rousey and Misty Copeland, women everywhere are making an impact and standing against injustice and inequality. And in our own lives, we're inspired by the women we work with every day.

We encourage everyone to let today be a reminder to prioritize gender equality. How? Think about and recognize the women that inspire you. Take your own #pledgeforparity (embedded below for your convenience!) and share via social media. We've taken ours, and we will carry this pledge every day.