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The first of its kind, ComplyU is an innovative new platform that aims to ease the complicated world of university athletics compliance. While the course platform was being built by NextThought, we worked to develop the brand and identity.

The ComplyU platform primarily serves university officials, so we were tasked with creating a brand that felt athletic and collegiate, without emulating any specific university. We developed a shield logo with bold text in a slab serif font – together, the elements created a logo that perfectly balanced an athletic and a collegiate aesthetic.

Likewise, the color palette needed to fit the nature of the brand without bringing to mind a single university. Our final solution is a combination of blue and green, with secondary colors of mustard, gray, rust, and an autumn orange, that evoke the feeling of collegiate athletics while remaining neutral in regards to any specific university athletics programs.

As we implemented the brand on print materials and throughout the website, we utilized rich imagery and bold color with simple iconography to convey the service and its value. For the front of the business card, we added the logo as a spot gloss for a subtle and unexpected application of the brand. On the website, we prominently featured a video produced by our friends at NextThought that describes what ComplyU provides, and then reinforced similar language and structure throughout the website for consistency.