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Rich Imagination is a creative and consulting business based in Florida and serving clients across the world. Rich and his wife Andy are the duo behind this impressive company, and when they approached us about their branding, we discussed what was important to them. They wanted their mark to be bold and to show creativity, but they also wanted it to use Rich’s signature, which was already established as his visual identity amongst industry friends.

The final mark retains the originality of his signature. The logo expresses creativity (without cliché) through the pairing of classic aesthetics with subtle, clever elements of interest. Similar visual cues are integrated across the entirety of Rich Imagination’s branded materials, juxtaposing elegance and excitement.

These same ideals were translated across the Rich Imagination digital presence, beginning with motion graphics that emphasize the creativity of the brand through a visual construction of their company mark. The final website is a natural extension of the brand, communicating the wealth of experience amassed between this talented pair as they embark on their new venture, Rich Imagination.