Branding | Identity

Owners Selena and Kelly Belvin started Top Quality Doors in 2011 as a family-owned business that specialized in garage and overhead doors, and because of their commitment to customer service and quality work, it quickly grew beyond their initial vision.

When they approached us, their primary concern was that their business name and logo didn’t communicate their full range of services. While overhead doors were their initial offering, they have grown to acquire more business through their access control systems, which was not reflected in their name or existing logo. However, Selena and Kelly were hesitant to change their name because of their established reputation – a significant amount of their business comes from referrals.

We began their project with a research phase in which we examined the brands and names of other companies with similar scopes in their industry, evaluated the benefits and challenges associated with changing their name, and provided our recommendation.

Based on the information we gathered, we recommended a two-part approach: 1) keep their existing name but add a tagline that better describes their offerings, and 2) revise their logo to be less representational. Their existing logo featured an illustration of a garage door, and by implementing both of these strategies we could eliminate the association that they only provide overhead door services without compromising their hard-earned name recognition.

The final solution involves a set of logos that work in tandem depending on the scale and usage. The most complex logo includes information about their location, their status as a locally-owned company, and their services. At one glance, a customer can immediately gather all the information they need. Alternate logo versions remove pieces of information to simplify the mark when used at a smaller scale, while maintaining the brand’s visual style and recognizability. We also created an optional emblem to be used intentionally throughout their materials. The brand as a whole leans in to heritage-style logo design and branding principles to communicate a sense of trustworthiness, American values, and quality craft. Rather than using a simplified, illustrative logo, we created a complex identity system.

The primary color palette is red and light blue, providing an Americana aesthetic that appeals to their primary audience and references their status as a veteran-owned company. Prior to this rebrand, their primary color was red, so this slight modification allowed a seamless transition while recalling their original aesthetic. 

The print materials and business cards are classic and straightforward. The business cards include the full logo with the optional emblem since they are presented to people who do not yet know the company, but the envelope and letterhead feature simplified versions of the logo since they are primarily used to communicate with existing customers. Likewise, the supplemental social media assets and branded company t-shirts predominantly feature the new logo elements paired with simple, yet effective imagery and colors.