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With a focus on legal needs for creative entrepreneurs, Unveil Law provides legal assistance at package rates – a unique offering for a law firm. Owner Sabrina's ultimate goal is to remove the confusion and intimidation around law practices and provide a more comfortable experience for her clients.

Because of Unveil Law's focus on creative entrepreneurs, the final logo solution presents an emblem style logo with a hand-crafted aesthetic. This type of logo is popular among Sabrina's clients, and we wanted to contrast traditional law firms and their formal typographic identities with something more familiar and more approachable. This departure from her competition's visual aesthetic reflects Unveil Law's departure from her competition's old-school outlook and methods.

The selected color palette is feminine yet quirky -- the electric yellow and muted orange provide an unexpected pop against the maroon and teal.

The brand implementation across the website and business materials reflect a casual and warm tone of voice. Everything is straightforward and well-explained, providing potential clients with the same clarity they will receive under Sabrina's legal guidance.